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Protect Your Business: Workplace Safety And Hygiene Solutions In The Age Of COVID-19

Ensuring hygiene and safety in the workplace is the hot topic of the day. With COVID-19 restrictions slowly lifting, getting people back to work is a high priority. For an organisation, this means preparation and planning. Whether separated areas or covered staff members, the health and wellness of employees is of the greatest concern. Make sure you have the right solutions available for your business to run.

Peace of mind is integral in maintaining a productive and secure work place. Equipping your business with the tools and measures needed to protect from COVID-19 allows you to get back to business at full steam with the proper precautions in place. Whether PPE or signage and direction, there are both high-tech and straightforward ways to apply these safety changes effectively.

Low-Tech Solutions and Healthcare Products

When looking at efficient and cost-effective ways of equipping staff, there are several proven ways to tackle this. 3 Layer fabric masks, buffs, and medical masks can be worn by all members to reduce person-to-person transmission through interaction. Regularcleaning and sanitisation of the workspace is also a must. Face protectors could be used in conjunction with these other items. Gloves, coverings for shoes, as well as several other medical level protection items can be used to ensure their safety. Along with these items, hand sanitiser in its various forms must be readily available around the office or workspace to provide complete coverage. For those dealing with customer-facing roles, an infrared thermometer and cough guard may be required. 

High-Tech Solutions and Healthcare Products

For the more corporate space that requires a state-of-the-art system for area control and monitoring, there are many options available to be applied across an organisation. Aside from the previously mentioned PPE solutions available, there are thermographic cameras that can be either installed or available in handheld options. Temperature measurement walkthrough detectors and fever screening facial access points are also available to ensure that no one can move between locations if they are a person of concern. These allow for a digital monitoring system that ensures you have a complete visual overview of your workplace traffic.

Ensuring the hygiene and safety of your business is paramount to the success in this COVID-19 reopening period. Investing in the right tools will ensure you can get back on track and keep your staff safe. For a complete business solution, contact SSG Holdings today. Email or call us today!

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