Our Warehousing Division specializes in offering trained and experienced security officers, tested for numeracy and literacy skills, in Receiving, Dispatching and other general functions.


  • Double checking delivery counts
  • Checking stock line numbers on invoices
  • Bin allocations checked for correct stock contents
  • Dummy stacking of goods received on pallets
  • Enforcing movement restriction and cage security​
  • Ensuring damages stock is not received, or if received immediately transferred to the returns location
  • Observe for collusion between delivery staff and client employees
  • Check goods are not received if the system lead time for receipt of order has expired


  • Enforcing cage security
  • Double check dispatch goods against invoices
  • Check stock line numbers are correct on invoices
  • Check packaging for concealed items
  • Check for damaged stock
  • Check documentation is valid and not duplicates of original delivery invoices
  • Maintain records of discrepancies found in stock picked for dispatch bays
  • Restrict unauthorized movements in dispatch bays


  • Maintain security control documentation for despatch and receiving
  • Monitor warehouse/storage areas for pilferage and damaged stock
  • Escort potentially hazardous goods to the dedicated zone for destruction
  • Observe the cold chain is adhered to for fresh produce, poultry, meat, fish and dairy products
  • Access and egress management
  • Monitor staff purchases, if applicable
  • Conduct investigations into criminal incidents on site