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SSG Training Academy Proprietary Limited (“SSG Training Academy”) is a CATHSETA, HW SETA, SASSETA, ETDP SETA, SERVICES SETA, PSiRA and PFTC accredited training provider. We have accredited training facilities in Centurion.
Our vision is to become the trainer of choice in the Training Industry through exciting, inspirational , ethical, accessible, specialized and integrated training services.
Our mission is to inspire our people to deliver service excellence and to lead innovating technically sound, practical and economically viable training solutions to our customers, inclusive of material, products and processes.
Our values are Integrity, Ownership and Innovation.



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Our courses, accredited by PSIRA and SASSETA, are not just qualifications—they're the keys to unlocking your potential in the dynamic security sector. Learn from the best: our experienced instructors are ready to share the tricks of the trade with you, either face-to-face in our Centurion facilities or through our tailored online training. With options ranging from comprehensive 12-month learnerships to focused one-week grades.


Unlock the potential of safe firearm handling with SSG Training Academy's PFTC-accredited firearm courses. Our Centurion-based experts are committed to guiding you through the intricacies of safely operating a variety of firearms, from handguns to self-loading rifles. With cutting-edge laser training to prepare you for live-fire exercises, our approach prioritises your safety every step of the way.


Transform your talent into a career as a skilled facilitator, assessor, or moderator with our ETDP Seta accredited courses. At SSG Training Academy, you'll learn from seasoned professionals who bring real-world insights to every lesson. Dive into comprehensive courses that range from facilitating dynamic learning experiences to mastering outcomes-based assessment and moderation. Our practical, interactive sessions are packed into concise timeframes, ensuring you gain valuable qualifications efficiently.


At SSG Training Academy, we understand the critical role learnerships play in upholding BBBEE Act provisions and helping businesses thrive. Our Learnerships span sectors like security, wildlife, entrepreneurship, cleaning, and hospitality, embedding core skills such as health and safety, risk management, and a strong ethical foundation. Designed to be accessible, our courses are available online with practical sessions included. Whether you're grooming for housekeeping excellence or poised to lead in management, our learnerships are a gateway to developing the managerial prowess and business acumen needed in South Africa's evolving economic landscape.


Prepare for emergencies with our TETA-accredited training in Wilderness First Aid and Basic Fire Fighting. Equip yourself with vital skills for handling medical incidents in remote settings and confidently tackle fires with advanced firefighting techniques. Both courses offer hands-on practice to ensure safety and competence in critical situations.


Explore comprehensive OHS consulting with SSG Training Academy. Our services, in strict adherence to the OHS Act, include creating safety files, risk assessments, policy implementation, and training. We'll equip your organisation with essential fire safety equipment, evacuation procedures, legal signage, and first aid kits. Plus, we offer support with Covid-19 protocol implementation and risk assessments, all tailored to the specific needs of your site. Ensure your workplace is the epitome of safety under our expert guidance.


Nurture your passion for wildlife and conservation with our CATHSSETA-accredited courses at SSG Training Academy. Delve into rich theory, followed by unforgettable practical experiences in the 'Big Five' Dinokeng Game Reserve. Put your classroom knowledge into action with bush walks and wildlife drives as you train to become a qualified Nature Site Guide or Dangerous Game Site Guide. For non-formal learning, choose our short courses like African Savanna enthusiast or Big Six Mammals, designed for those eager to understand and cherish our natural world.

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Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners​

Campus Protection Society of Southern Africa

Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

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