As part of service delivery to our clients, SSG Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“SSG”) continuously compiles risk assessments. The aim of the risk assessment is to identify the actual security risks per location and/or process, assess the risks in respect to the impact of the risk to the client and the probability of the risk realizing. 

SSG will then recommend which risk strategy is to be followed in respect to each risk e.g. risk avoidance, risk acceptance (insurance), risk prevention, and/or risk mitigation. The risk assessment is in effect an independent third party perspective of the security measures in place at any given location and/or process. 

Our focus is not to establish what security projects might currently be underway from the clients who seek our services, but rather to assess the site and make recommendations as to what our security experts believe are actual security risks breaches or potential breaches in their current system and then to make suggestions that will improve their system.