As one of the leading providers of integrated risk reduction solutions to various industry sectors within South Africa, such as the Mining Sector, the Road Freight Industry comprising of the Bus Passenger Sector, Warehouse and Logistics sector, Transport Sector and Retail Industry, SSG is periodically commissioned to provide Reaction Units (“RU’s) to assist in containing demonstrations, civil and industrial unrest which potentially can culminate in the destruction of property, intimidation and assault of employees and disruption of operational activities.


SSG has the capacity to deploy RU’s to high risk areas, at short notice, in order to address and contain incidents of unrest and violence. RU members are compliant with all applicable criminal, administrative, commercial and civil laws and regulations that relate to all the rules for the use of force, crowd and riot control, which is reasonable, necessary and proportional to concomitant risks that security personnel may be faced with. RU deployments comprise of comprehensive planning, resource support and management.


  • One Team Leader, Driver, 4 x Crewmen, deployed 24/7 and rotate on 12 hour shifts, Day and Night. Teams will deploy in armored vehicles or soft skin light delivery vehicles, depending on the threat level, and RU team members will be armed with 9mm handguns, Shotguns, pepper spray & pepper grenades. Each RU team will be equipped with RU uniforms, Bullet Proof Vests (Minimum level 3), Riot Shields and Helmets, Batons, Handheld high powered torches/flash lights, Communications devices; (Radios, Cell phone/Land line/ Electronic Mail/ Radios), Camcorders, Night Vision Goggles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones);
  • RU teams operate in close cooperation with local and national SAPS and EMS. There is direct communication between SSG management, RU team leaders and SSG NOC (National Operations Centre), 24/7 and direct communication with the South African Police Services (“SAPS”) and Emergency Services (“EMS”). Furthermore, each RU deployment will have air support (Choppers) available and will involve the establishment of Joint Operations Centres with SAPS and EMS for command and control purposes.
  • All RU deployments are intelligence driven and intelligence updates include daily Intel updates through SSG investigations and forensics, daily Intel updates through collaboration with SAPS, daily Intel updates through Informer networks, dissemination of Intel via secure networks and linked to an Electronic Strike Occurrence Book at SSG NOC.