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The Importance Of Security Services In The Mining Industry

South Africa is known for many positive things – from our sprawling wildlife to our wealth of precious mineral deposits hidden underground. The country’s mining industry is one of the longest-standing sectors and is still largely prosperous. The way mines are run has evolved significantly over the last few decades, including changes in the role and extent of security services on-site. In this article, we chat about how mining security services assist in keeping the industry alive and thriving.

Who & What Needs Protection On A Mining Site?

Mining is a high-risk industry. Every day, engineers, workers and other professionals risk their lives by going kilometers underground in pursuit of precious minerals. Because of the value of the products that are being extracted from underground, mines are also vulnerable to theft and other types of criminal activity. Keeping up with the ins and outs of a busy mine can be challenging, so it’s important to have services that protect the safety and security of:

  • The mine’s staff;
  • Mining equipment; and
  • Minerals that have been extracted.

Unique Security Challenges That Affect Mines in South Africa

  1. Crime syndicates tend to target mining areas, where they enter into criminal plots with vulnerable members of the surrounding communities and even coerce these communities into cooperating with them. These bully tactics place the mines and jobs of the people who work for them at risk.
  2. Some mining corporates have neglected to consult the communities around their sites before beginning extraction work. This can cause a clash of cultures or even alienate community members to the point where they damage mine property in protest.
  3. Theft is a major problem that plagues the mining industry. Our experience shows that at times the workers on site can be the culprits either operating alone or with criminal elements accessing the mine from outside due to poor security. It’s important to have a means for monitoring how mined minerals are moved.

The Benefits Of Having Various Security Measures In Place On A Mine

There are many mining-specific security methods available. Each and every site will have unique requirements and the mining company’s budgets need to be taken into account. Control rooms, CCTV cameras utilising artificial intelligence, alarms, and access control equipment can act as additional eyes, ears, and evidence collectors to protect a mine. The collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence assists in preventing crimes and makes it easier to identify suspects and working towards a holistic approach in securing our mines across South Africa. At SSG Security, we provide the latest technology and trained guards to advance mining security services in South Africa.

Contact us to learn more about our mining security services!

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