Start Your New Year Off Right With A Clean Office

As we head into the new year, people feel well-rested and ready to pursue their “new year, new me” goals. Start your new year right with a clean office. Office cleaning may not sound like the most exciting way to kick off your year when you have much more exciting goals in mind. However, with a de-cluttered and clean office, you’re perfectly positioning yourself to stick to the business goals you’ve set out to achieve.

A Messy Space Makes A Messy Mind

They say that if you always do the same thing, you’ll always get the same outcome. So take some time to reset your mind, set some goals, and intentionally clean and organise your office space in such a way that sets you up to achieve. 

Removing clutter, tidying, organising and cleaning help get rid of distractions, ensuring you start the year knowing where the things you’ll need are, avoiding seasonal sniffles and, most importantly, making more room for you to grow.

A clean and tidy workspace will help you be much more organised, efficient, and consequently, more productive. Give yourself the best footing to operate at the top of your game.

The Data Behind A Clean Desk

According to a National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) survey, 27% of workers report feeling disorganised at work. Of them, 91% claimed they would be more productive and efficient if they organised their workstation better.

In another report, 25% of business owners agreed that having a more efficiently organised workspace would increase the business’s overall productivity and output.

While some people can thrive in organised chaos, if they are in a group setting, this may actually distract other workers in the common area. Everyone benefits from a clean and organised workspace.

Don’t Forget To Deep Clean

While you may be tempted to focus only on cleaning that which is easily seen by the eye, don’t forget to deep clean too. This means that you should pay extra care and attention to things you might not usually consider, such as your mouse, keyboard, under the mouse pad and monitor. It’s on your devices where most germs will gather.

Then, be sure to deep clean places like carpets and vents if you have any. Throughout the years, many people trek dirt into the office, and dust accumulates in HVAC and air conditioner vents. Indoor air quality plays an integral role in productivity, so don’t neglect your air cleaning too.

Ultimately, deep-cleaned work environments prevent pests and insects from setting up nests. If your office has been standing empty for the holiday period, it allows time for insects to breed. Luckily, at SSG Cleaning, we have a professional and humane pest control division to prevent and eradicate potential and existing pest problems, such as rodents and cockroaches.

Maintain an immaculately clean, hygienic and healthy office environment conducive to productivity and organisation by enlisting your go-to professional cleaning company: SSG Cleaning. If you’d like your business in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, East London, Gqeberha or Limpopo to be cleaned professionally, contact us and we’ll arrange a quote for you.

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