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SSG strives to meet clientele needs by implementing our Triangular Approach – Manpower, Technology, Procedures. We understand that in many industries technology is a critical factor which can set companies leagues apart.

SSG Security utilise next generation technology, from cutting edge digital ecosystems with the latest AI to DataWalk, our criminal data repository and investigation platform. Our ambition is to lead the technological revolution in the security industry, growing our reputation for developing and utilising leading-edge concepts to solve challenging situations.
Our offerings address numerous issues which have plagued the security industry for years. We offer a platform which collects, correlates, and enriches data from various sources. Our fraud and criminal investigation software, DataWalk, is a big data software platform for identifying patterns and connections between datasets, producing detailed analyses such as visual queries and histograms.

We believe that ensuring data quality and consistency for our clients is just as critical as being able to provide lossless and rapid integration from static and real time data – creating a single source of truth. The FINIUM framework allows us to provide live action feedback reporting and projecting the latest, most up to date data onto a dedicated dashboard. Ensuring that Time Critical Decisions are not overlooked or missed by an end of month report or summary.

The security industry can be described as a fluid and evolving industry where companies must always adapt for change and be prepared for criminal activities. With DataWalk all data is fused and stored in a single repository, allowing for quick connections across large amounts of data, to create a single unified repository. Upon import, data can be quickly and easily transformed and cleaned, through partner products we are able to connect to public service records, social media, and the open web.

Data can also be managed as a folder, where all available information about a subject is stored, even across various data sources.

DataWalk is built for secure collaboration, such that data, analyses, or any other work product can be shared with specific individuals or groups under an umbrella of professional security.

Consider two units in an organisation in separate locations, the approach to data storage, procedures, security and even quality of data may differ vastly, detrimentally affecting the performance of the company and possibly its reputation. SSG provides a centralised data hub with a client portal, to track and log data across the country. Centralised data makes sharing valuable company insights across the organisation.

Consider the possibilities or positives of on demand reporting; clients should have their own space to access and view their own data. Being able to visually see data in one place at one time, a centralised system where human resources, personnel tracking and even vehicle details for example, are all accessible at the click of a button, whilst knowing their data is still being hosted in a safe and secure online platform.

Capturing, visualising, and reporting data is easily done in DataWalk.

Data can be summarised and displayed in dashboards, showing all key and desirable information with regards to a subject, such as a person or an event.

SSG centralises live access data across an organisation using a robust system, bringing more business processes in one sophisticated place than our competitors, such as:

  • Vehicle Data Tracking

SSG receives live vehicle location tracing, providing pinpoint accurate geolocation monitoring. Both vehicle transport routes and helicopter flight paths are available for display on a dashboard for users to view at any time. Incidents involving vehicles can also be quickly logged and reported on location.

  • Health & Safety

Processes are available online – decentralising the existing paper-based solutions for training data.

  • Business Processes and Operations

SSG are pioneering the digital age in the South African security industry, data is collated across an organisation and localised in the cloud, for one clean intuitive and interactive dashboard.

Processes and operational data are digitised, allowing for quick and intuitive reports to be accessed rapidly, such as absenteeism. SSG is fully compliant in terms of the POPI Act.

  • Facial Recognition

SSG have implemented a revolutionary new market defining facial recognition solution. By cross referencing and matching images of suspects across repositories of previous recorded perpetrators and suspects.
Our solution also features cutting edge 1 on 1 automated facial recognition reporting technology. Accurate facial scanning technology can quickly identify suspects, with results being exportable for communication with local authorities. Ongoing investigations can benefit from cumulative scans identifying suspects over time, such data can be shared with prosecutors to assist suspect identification where aliases and detention locations are a challenge to prove.

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