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Our Solution: Smart And Fast Thermal Body Temperature Screening

Safe, efficient, adaptable and traceable, these are all suitable descriptions for contactless fever screening. In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the dangers of biohazards have come to light. In a bid to flatten the curve and keep it that way, the security industry has come up with a digitised way to screen and catch any threats before any damage is done. Long gone are the days where the criminals could be seen and heard, like the threat, we too must adapt.

Pro-Active Measures

Thermal measures allow companies to be proactive by detecting threats that need to be separated and isolated before spreading can occur. This not only protects the community but all surrounding entities within the business.

Safe, Efficient, Adaptable And Traceable

These solutions offer safe, contactless, long-range and high accuracy screening possibilities. This assists in preventing the chances of cross-infection. Another benefit of using this kind of tech is the efficiency with which the alarm can be raised, lowering the need for taxing labour costs. Thirdly, these devices are adaptable as there are multiple types of products that can be selected according to your needs. Finally, combining the tasks that these solutions take care of, i.e. human recognition, image and temperatures, make the application of the technology easy and informed when it comes to management.

The Process And Application Scenarios

There are four main processes and application scenarios for fever screening.

  1. Long-term screening with access control
  2. Shot-term screening at entrances
  3. Conducting patrolling inspections
  4. Long-term screening for crowds in open locations.

SSG’s AI Fever Screening Solution

Faster, safer and smarter. Thanks to advanced algorithms and detectors, SSG’s Fever Screening Thermal Cameras can detect higher than normal temperatures within active crowds of people. The accuracy of this screening is up to approximately 0.3℃.

There are more than seven devices in total that can be used for the screening process. Included is the floor stand bracket, fever screening facial access, fever screening metal detector door, fever screening bullet, and more. These state-of-the-art products offer different benefits that are suited to various application needs.

If you would like to learn more about these SSG Holdings’ thermal body screening solutions, contact us now.

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