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Route Risk Management

The risk on transport routes on South Africa’s roads due to civil unrest, protest action and, other criminal elements necessitates the implementation of effective risk mitigation interventions. Transporters and cargo owners experience regular theft and car/truck jackings where specific cargo is targeted by organised criminal elements.

These incidents affect our economy and lead to major frustrations and losses for businesses across South Africa. These include disruptions and delays to delivery schedules of goods that keep the economy going. The negative impact on personnel who may experience major trauma as a result of these illegal activities needs to be considered, as at times these incidents may be violent and lead to serious injuries or even death in some cases.

SSG Security offers a dedicated service based on Intelligence Analysis and Artificial Intelligence-driven live monitoring and tracking to mitigate these risks on routes for clients. By incorporating route risk intelligence with innovative monitoring and tracking of vehicles, SSG can warn drivers in advance of certain risks and/or events and suggest alternative routes for example.

SSG Intelligence Division

SSG employs skilled analysts who are tasked with gathering information and monitoring several intelligence platforms to ascertain risk on specific routes in advance.

SSG Tracking and Communication

Our National Operations Centre (NOC) will monitor and track your vehicles on the route and advise drivers of possible risk in advance, cargo owners will be alerted in the event that vehicles veer off their routes in real-time and the agreed response procedures will be activated timeously.

SSG monitor the location of the vehicles on a 24/7/365 basis.

Bi-directional communication systems are installed in the vehicle/s to allow the SSG operator/s to communicate with the driver from our NOC.

Route Risk Assessments

SSG Security offers to provide comprehensive risk analysis on your delivery routes. The risk analysis includes physically driving each route from where a comprehensive report is drawn, this is critical in order to ascertain all risks and obtain the relevant information in order to provide roadside assistance and emergency response to incidents.

National Footprint

Our national footprint allows for rapid armed response, managed from our National Operations Centre.

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