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Should You Purchase Or Rent Your CCTV System

No matter the size or location of your business property, it’s recommended that you have a professional surveillance system installed to protect your assets effectively. When it comes to CCTV systems, you have two options available to you: renting or buying. As experts in rental CCTV systems and installations, SSG Holdings discusses whether you should look at renting or purchasing a CCTV system.

Benefits of CCTV Leasing

The main benefit of CCTV leasing is that the short-term cost is a lot less. You can enjoy the benefits of having a professional and high-quality surveillance system without having to lay out a significant investment. Rental contracts usually include maintenance and support, whereas if you had your own security system, you would need to pay each time you had a repair or an issue with your security system. Another huge advantage of renting is that you will be able to access new equipment as soon as it becomes available, by updating your contract with the CCTV rental company.

The Costs Involved

When it comes down to it, the only significant advantage to buying your own CCTV system is the fact that you may save money in the long run. Over the years, the accumulation of rental fees will add up, and it may end up being cheaper to own your own system. This depends entirely on your specific requirements, at SSG we are equipped and experienced to advise you accordingly.

What to Consider When Choosing an Option

There are a few factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing whether you should lease or buy your surveillance equipment.

  • Are you going to be at your premises permanently? If you plan on moving premises soon, it may be to your benefit to lease a system.
  • Do you think you will need regular updates? If you feel that you’ll need regulardaily updates to your security system, it might be better to rent a security system so that you won’t need to purchase a whole new security system every time you need an update.
  • Saving money in the short or long term. How much capital do you have to invest? Can you afford the cost of buying a security system outright? Would you instead save money in the long term by spending more now?

Whether you are looking to buy a CCTV camera system, or have a leased system installed or are not sure which option would suit you best, SSG Holdings has a range of different CCTV leasing and security system options for you to choose from.

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of total turn-key CCTV solutions:

  • Perimeter Protection surveillance solutions
  • Facial Recognition solutions
  • License Plate Recognition LPR or ANPR solutions
  • Temperature Screening solutions
  • Thermal CCTV solutions
  • Mining CCTV solutions
  • Commercial & Industrial CCTV solutions
  • CCTV solutions for the Banking, Retail and Education sector
  • Design and installation of CCTV Control Rooms
  • CCTV maintenance contracts
  • Total turn-key integrated electronic security solutions

Our expert team has many years of experience and can help advise you effectively. Contact us today!

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