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Cargo Theft – Protecting Your Assets During Transportation

Businesses cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to safeguarding their assets and products during transportation. The rise in road-based criminal activities has created a pressing need to rethink and enhance vehicle movement monitoring while in transit.

At SSG Security, we understand the urgency and provide real-time, GPS-enabled viewing and monitoring of vehicles during transit. Our satellite communication devices ensure uninterrupted communication between our National Operations Centre (NOC) and the vehicles, eliminating the risk of “dead spots” where GPS signals might be lost. We also offer jamming devices to prevent criminals from communicating during a planned heist.

To further bolster security, we provide skilled tactical escort teams, air support from our SSG helicopter, and surveillance drones to escort high-value cargo. Our goal is to create a comprehensive and impenetrable shield around your valuable assets.

Before transportation, our expert Risk Assessors conduct route risk assessments and reconnaissance. They meticulously analyse potential routes to identify the safest and most practical path from point A to point B. This proactive approach helps to mitigate risks and ensures the smooth and secure transportation of your cargo.

Additionally, our SSG Intelligence and Investigation Division is dedicated to identifying and infiltrating crime syndicates that specifically target businesses like yours. By employing advanced investigative techniques, we gather valuable intelligence and take proactive measures to counter potential threats.
Don’t let cargo losses weigh you down. Contact SSG Security today for an end-to-end solution that will safeguard your assets and provide you with peace of mind. Trust us to protect your cargo from start to finish.

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