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Experience the Power of Excellence with SSG Facilities' Electrical Services

Whether you’re managing a commercial property or overseeing a large residential complex, electrical systems form the backbone of your operations. At SSG Facilities, we provide comprehensive, top-tier electrical solutions that ensure your systems are efficient, compliant, and safe.

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Why Choose SSG for Electrical Services

Years of Experience

SSG Facilities has been powering Centurion with pride since 2014, bringing expert knowledge to every job.

Customised Solutions

From design to installation, our services are tailored to meet your unique electrical requirements.

Emergency Repairs

Quick response times and effective solutions mean your electrical emergencies are resolved with minimal disruption.

Energy Audits

Our detailed assessments pinpoint where you can save on energy, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Our Electrical Services

Electrical Maintenance Services

Proactive upkeep to ensure your electrical systems are performing reliably and up to code.

Certificate of Compliance (COC) Services

Essential inspections and certifications to guarantee your installations adhere to safety standards.

Power Distribution Solutions

Sophisticated designs and implementations for flawless power distribution across your premises.

Emergency Repairs

Rapid and reliable fixes for unexpected electrical issues, available around the clock.

Lighting Systems Installation & Maintenance

Conventions to energy efficient lighting systems.

Energy Audits:

Comprehensive evaluations that offer insights into your energy consumption and recommendations for improvement.

Electrical Upgrades and Retrofits

Modernising your electrical infrastructure to enhance performance and accommodate technological advancements.

Surge Protection Services

Protecting your equipment from voltage spikes with robust surge protection systems.

HVAC Electrical Services

Specialist electrical services to support and optimise your HVAC systems' performance.

At SSG Facilities, our commitment goes beyond providing services; we deliver peace of mind with every project we undertake. Let us empower your facilities with electrical excellence that drives performance and ensures safety.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and power up your property with SSG Facilities' difference.



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